In order to reach that goal, we help young people between 8 and 16 years of age to a good start in the labour market. Through the JINC programme they get acquainted with various professions, find out what kind of work suits their talents, and learn how to apply for a job. That is how every year JINC gives more than 63,500 children the opportunity to grow.

JINC works in cooperation with schools and business partners. Their financial support and expertise are indispensable. But partners get something valuable in return: the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and a new way of investing in their companies, by strengthening their bond with society and offering their employees an inspiring experience.

That is why we like to say: everyone grows with JINC.

We strive for a Netherlands in which your postal code is no longer a predictor of success in the labour market.

What JINC has to offer

Business partners that collaborate with us help young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. This in itself is a beautiful goal. However, collaboration with JINC has a lot more to offer.

Our motto is ‘Everyone grows with JINC’ for a reason. More specifically: children are better prepared for the future, professionals gain pleasure and satisfaction from sharing their experience with them, and our business partners get a chance to put their social ideals into practice.

Finally, a partnership with JINC is fun and easily accessible. We have plenty of experience with companies where the working language is English.

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Join us

It’s about the children, that is beyond doubt. But having employees that are happier because of their volunteer work, is beautiful by-catch.

David Knibbe, CEO Nationale NederlandenTweet dit

JINC has more than 500 business partners. These companies are the backbone of our organization. Partners not only provide our volunteers, but also provide the bulk of our revenue.

In return, we put the spotlights on our partners. We offer them exposure on social media and on our website, and when we get press coverage – something that happens regularly – they benefit equally.

Is your company interested in partnering with us? We look forward to getting in touch and talk about shaping a partnership that fits us both!

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