Too many young people drop out of pre-vocational/vocational secondary schools. They choose the wrong study or fail to finish their internship. These young people are often from low-income neighbourhoods and have few role models. This means that they have fewer opportunities to develop themselves—personally, socially and economically.

JINC gives young people from 8 to 16 years of age the opportunity to experience what the labour market has to offer and what skills one needs for specific jobs. JINC’s projects reach more than 45,000 students annually from the primary school level to the vocational secondary level. The goal is to enable them to make the right choice in terms of study, to reduce the likelihood of students dropping out and to offer them better prospects for work.

JINC is an association that is largely financed by the business sector. Some 1000 companies and organisations have (financially) tied up with JINC. They make their employees available as volunteers, for example as trainers or as coaches.

The structural contribution provided by businesses ensures that JINC is not dependent on subsidies. As a result, we are able to operate quickly and alertly. Our projects are not temporary but have demonstrated a degree of continuity. JINC was established in 2003 in Amsterdam. Since then, we have expanded our activities to Rotterdam, Utrecht, Kennemerland, the Hague, Brabant, Flevoland and Leeuwarden. 



TaalTrip (Language Trip)
Many children in the Netherlands have language problems. During a Language Trip, primary school students from the 3rd and 4th grades visit—as a class—a place where they are able to place difficult words in context. As a language guide, you will lead a group of students and explain the meaning of certain words, which will serve to expand their vocabulary.

Bliksemstage (Flash Internship)
During a flash internship of a half day, primary school students (5th and 6th grades) and vocational secondary school students (first and second years) visit a company and are given the chance to provide a helping hand—an easy way to make young people enthusiastic about your profession!

Sollicitatietraining (Job Application Training)
Job application training prepares vocational secondary school students for finding a good (part-time) job or internship. Professionals from the business world come to the classroom where they teach young people in around 75 minutes the intricacies of applying for a job. This is a challenging and active way to share your knowledge and experience with this target group.

Ondernemen doe je zo! (Starting up your own Business)
Ondernemen doe je zo! gives vocational secondary school students a realistic idea of the daily routine of running a business. Coaches from the business community guide the students through the assignments.

WerkWijs (WorkWise)
WorkWise is an intensive track in which vocational secondary school students are trained in communicative and assertive skills that are useful during their (part-time) job or internship. Professionals from the business community come as “employers” to the class to help the students to practise.

Carrière Coach (Career Coach)
Career Coach provides vocational secondary school students with the opportunity to have a personal career advice talk with a (HR) manager from the business world. The goal is to encourage the students to go about making their career choice in a conscious and well-thought-out manner.